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Dear reader,

Let’s not waste a minute and jump straight into the issue.

If you are serious about your health, whether physical or mental, you have to listen carefully to what I am going to share right now.

If your body was keeping a secret from you, that you are 2x as strong and 2x as good in bed, traits that all women crave, how bad would you want to unlock these abilities trapped inside of you?

Sit your ass down, I need your full attention since you are going to discover something that will make you the 1% Elite as a man. 

In the next few minutes, you are going to learn one of the most important secrets to having a healthy and fit life.

And it revolves around just one simple muscle.

Well, it is not really a muscle. It can be considered a tissue.

Or if you ask me, we can even consider it as a separate organ. In fact,it is one of the most important parts of our body.

And strangely, nobody told you about it before.
  • One muscle tissue that complements your daily strength workout.
  • One muscle tissue that aids in faster fat loss.
  • One muscle tissue that improves your overall physiological functioning.
And one muscle tissue – you probably did not expect this – that ramps up your sex life in just a matter of weeks!

Some of the physiological experts consider it to be the main muscle tissue, since it is basically what holds you together.
  • It is basically what keeps you standing.
  • It is basically what keeps you functioning.
  • It is what makes you the way you are.
And needless to say, attention to this one simple muscle tissue determines who you are going to be.

Are you happy to turn into a rheumatic old man in your 40s or…

Do you want to bethe popular local Superman-in-bed well into your 70s?

I bet the latter sounds more interesting, right?

I see you nodding your head.

But wait! Are you doing anything to work on this muscle?

At least, regularly keeping it flexible and supple?


I thought so.

Unfortunately, it might definitely sound strange but over 90 percent of the gym instructors out there, although they push you to demolish almost every possible muscle in your body, forget to tell about this one simple muscle tissue.

You might be working your arms, your legs or your shoulders…but if you are not working this simple muscle, you are seriously limiting the chances of lean muscle gain in those other muscle groups in turn.

Yes, it’s that important.

Now, the problem is not with your gym instructor alone.

You see, very few people, apart from dancers or gymnasts, even learn the existence of this muscle tissue or its crucial role in one’s life.

And don’t expect your family physician to help you either.
Enter The PSOAS
We are the talking about the special P-S-O-A-S muscle.

Pronounced as so-as, believe it or not, this is one of the most important muscle tissues in your whole body.

Because It Is The CORE Of Your Body.
Composed of 15 different muscle tissues that connect the spine to the pelvic bone to the thigh bone, the psoas muscle is, in layman’s terms, the core mid-section of the body that holds your upper body and your lower body together.

To locate this powerful muscle, imagine peeling your body like an onion.

The first layer is the skin; next come the abdominal muscles in front and the massive muscles of the sides and back.

One layer deeper lay the intestines and another layer of back muscles.

Continue peeling each layer until just before you reach your skeletal core:

There in the center of your inner universe rest the psoas muscles.

One on each side of the spine, each works independently yet harmoniously, the psoas attaches to the side and toward the front of the 12th thoracic vertebra and each of the lumbar vertebrae.

Moving through the pelvis without attaching to bone, the psoas inserts along with the iliacus muscle in a common tendon at the top of the femur.

In practical terms…

Whenever you lift or rotate your legs, or bend forward, you are flexing your psoas muscle.

The Psoas is the only ‘muscle’ to connect the spine to the legs. 

It is liable for holding us erect and upright, and permits us to lift our legs in order to walk, run or whatever.

A healthily functioning psoas muscle steadies the spine and provides support through the trunk, forming a protective shelf for the vital organs of the abdominal core.

The psoas is connected to the diaphragm through connective tissue or fascia which affects both our breath and fear reflex.

This is because the psoas is directly linked to the reptilian brain, the most ancient interior part of the brain stem and spinal cord. 

As Liz Koch, a famous international expert-author on the subject of Psoas, writes,“Long before the spoken word or the organizing capacity of the cortex developed, the reptilian brain, known for its survival instincts, maintained our essential core functioning.”

Our whole physiological makeup starts and ends with the CORE of our body.

And thus, Psoas is one of the most important yet often most ignored organs, of your body.
  • Interesting, isn’t it?
  • Still not clear to you.
  • Are you thinking…?
  • It is important for so many reasons.
  • It is important because it lets you get on with your life.
  • It is important because without it, you might just crumble like a piece of cellophane paper.
  • Seems it is pretty important.
  • Let’s just check out the “Psoas effect” on the 3 most important aspects of your life.
Okay, let’s start with the bodybuilders here.

What’s your focus when you enter the gym?

Shoulders? Biceps? Back?

That’s great.

But you know that form is the most important aspect of a good workout, right?

So, when you work out with an improper form, you not only risk injuries but also hinder your muscle growth.

So when you might be confused why your shoulders are not growing anymore and trying to figure out how to break the plateau…

Just go work on your form first.

And for that, you need strong core muscles, in short, your Psoas.

Okay, why only bodybuilders?

Some work out for sheer strength gains, right? We are talking about the strong power lifters here.

So, don’t you like to boast how you bench press 450 pounds to your friends?

Of course you do.

But more often than not, a not-so-big guy comes into the gym and lifts even more than you.

You stand puzzled.

“How can he even lift that thing?”

That’s because he worked on his Psoas muscle.

His core is much, much stronger and healthier than yours is.

As Andre Farnell of aptly puts it:
“Think of the core of your body as the epicenter of the muscular system. A strong core can help you eke out that one extra rep or move that one extra pound. That little extra is the difference between growth and stagnation. They move the upper body as a counterbalance for the movements beneath your feet. In other words, they control your balance and essentially keep you on your feet in changing environments.”
And strangely, you can probably know who is strong and fit from the inside and who is not from their gait itself.

As they say, fitness oozes out!

Last but not the least, how many of you are craving to have the six-pack abs?

Well, most of the noted bodybuilders and fitness trainers vouch for the fact that unless you do some serious core training, six-pack abs are possible only in your dreams.

Yes, you might stand under 10% body-fat but if you don’t work on your core muscles and your abdominals, you will never see those six-packs unfortunately.

So, the next time you enter your gym, remember this one term: Psoas.

Before I proceed further, let me introduce myself a bit.

My name is Montique Stephon.

I have been a certified Fitness and Wellness Professional for 7 years now.

Before that, I was a MMA Striking Coach with a specialty in Thai conditioning and also an early assistant to the original Ultimate Fighting Championship founder Campbell McLaren.

My training taught me that hips were more important for generating power for punches and kicks not to mention agility and defense than I imagined.

But I really had no idea that the hips were the one body part that had to be fit and strong all around the year until tragedy struck.
My investor and business partner was on the verge of closing our gym and moving back to Boston due to a rift with his wife. 

She'd become depressed and began to hate her body due to failures at intimacy with him.
She blamed herself , he blamed himself, and our gym hung in the balance. 

We agreed we had to prove that he could satisfy her, so she stopped hating herself
and feeling like he didn't want her.

Through intense study in the realms of physical tantra, chi kung, taoism and calisthenic endurance we developed a regimen that targeted all the muscles used for intimacy via breath and motion.

We added a positioning system that focused on elongating the flexors so that
range of motion and pressure friction were doubled. 

Our whole dojo trained together and after several group sessions we cheered him as he left for home to show and prove. 

Our Gym's D-Day.
That night I got a dozen calls about the responses our team got from their girlfriends. 
All our guys hit it out of the park, our dojo stayed open.

To this day we do these exercises before we close every session, but now its for more than the ladies.

Apparently training these exercises increased our core strength almost immediately allowing for heavier lifts as well jujitsu power escapes and strikes.

Our workout secret would catapult our guys to the nationals.

Now, that was seven years ago, and even though today my boys are having more success than ever, however things are still dismal for guys around the rest of the world.

The rest of the world has never invested a second into training their psoas and so they will never see their true potential on machines, mat or mattress.

Over those years, I gained valuable experience in seeing how this is more than a workout
Its maintenance for our manhood and our relationships.  

Our issues with stamina and erection strength and satisfying our woman...
It's all connected to the psoas you either do something to strengthen it all or it festers and dies.

Ignoring this part of your body will allow it to remain weak and chances of
impotence, lack of firmness, sexual fatigue and premature ejaculation skyrocket

It is our body and its our responsibility to ensure it can peform
discovering that led me to build this awesome total body workout package…

…That enhances your core training to build inner strength, thus supercharging your muscle gaining process and developing that lean-mean Hollywood look.

…That inherently builds your sexual memory and improves your sexual health and endurance

…That levels up your emotional flexibility and mental fitness thus bringing inner satisfaction and happiness from within.
How To Become SO Much Better
In So Many Ways
If you have been looking for the BEST strength-gaining and muscle-building calisthenic workout, this is the one for you…

If you have been searching for an all-in-one solution for better sexual stamina and health, this is the one for you…

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Tantra Bodybuilding Workout is here for you…
…and it’s nothing like you have ever seen before!

With all the hype,the useless and ineffective products in the market, it is almost impossible to figure out the real one to go for.

As a certified fitness trainer with substantial experience in the industry, I can tell you that almost every other product is either rehashed or just blurts out untried false truths with fake promises.
  • You need a workout program that is based out of extensive scientific research.
  • You need a fitness routine that is original, unique and simply ground-breaking in nature.
  • You need an exercise regime that not only promises but also delivers.
  • And that’s why you NEED Tantra Bodybuilding Workout.
Tantra Bodybuilding Workout is a result of intensive research coupled with an original and spiritual approach to the whole fitness industry, leading to the development of (arguably) the Most Effective Bodybuilding Program of the Century.

Introducing: IMPACT PLANKS
Impact planks are a set of masculine hip motility sequences.

They merge the plank (performed generally by holding one’s body on one’s bent arms in a prone position) with weight displacements  ( shifts and variations in pelvic positions to engage core ligaments).

The hips are stretched and strengthened at the same time while power is maximized due to the   rhythmic training frequencies that are used when practicing them.

Just substitute impact planks into your routine for little as 5 minutes and see immediate strength gains.

But there is more.....

You Learn There Is Way More Than "In & Out"  
Sensually tactile muscle memory is like a super human ability for men, you literally become a sex machine...literally.

It goes into action without your  having to think about it, it responds to a partner immediately and intelligently.

Your moves flow from your body adjusting to her, syncing to her rhythm, modifying themselves so they are easier to perform and require less energy.

You can simply focus on your partner and making them feel that you are present, and happy with them.... your body takes care of the rest on automatic.

Here's How It Works

We've mapped what each impact plank does for your body and hers so you can  create experiences because you know how her body will respond.

She recognizes that you can answer her with your body seamlessly because you study its mastery.

She knows you speak her language because when she tells you where she wants to feel you....
you can put yourself there with no hesitation

She begins to learn your language, she starts to adapt to your style, she no longer can remember how it feels being with a man who doesn't have the abilities that you do.
Training your core takes on a whole different meaning when each repetition smooths your motion and strengthens your thrust.

You're chiseling more than a six pack you are tuning into an inner strength that she will immediately feel. 
You will naturally gravitate toward certain exercises that compliment your own individual style.

You are never finished growing. You move from simple moves to complex combinations, knowing you are mastering moves that women don't know exist let alone how good they feel.

You bring a surprise with you that she will never expect and never forget.


Your Trainer Is Not Going To Do This For You.

99% of trainers have no background in training the hips and the chiropractors that do only know how to stretch it. We need them to be powerful like the 6 stroke engine that they must be.

This is something that you have to do for yourself. If you don't you won’t ever see your potential because you are cutting out the powerhouse of your body from participating.

NO HIPS > No Max Bench                      NO HIPS > You finish before you want to (too fast)
NO HIPS > No Max Squat                       NO HIPS > You over stimulate (feels too good)
NO HIPS > No Max Curl                          NO HIPS > You feel only one way to her (boring)

In short, a malfunctioning core will not only affect your physical health but will slowly eat away at your confidence.

You have so much more to offer but you are being held back and pulled down like you are in quicksand.

Why Not Just Spend 5 Minutes?

It makes working out fun. One fitness regime, lots of engaging options. It’s never boring.)
Why not build a strong core that tones up your physique, fires up your muscle gains and fast-tracks your bodybuilding process?

Why not strengthen your hips while increasing sexual memory and thus, supercharging your libido? 

Why shouldn't you supercharge your appreciation for your body and the skills you possess as a man?
Just substitute Impact Planks for your situps routine

LOOK Everything We Do Well Is Due To Us Striving To Improve, so what happens when you apply this concept to performance?

You become one in billions, you become elite, your sexual response time is heightened. You automatically adjust to her and all the muscles that make up your sexual physique are shredded.

And Women Can Feel The Difference Immediately
After experiencing you she will never want to go back to anyone who doesn`t have moves like you.

You've reset her bar.

You are without competition, no one will be able to do what you can all it takes is 5 minutes to do.

Every 5 minutes that you spend investing in yourself catapults you light years past everyone else because they are standing still and you sprinting toward self mastery.

The men we think have great physiques are like stiff boards in their midsection and we want bodies just like them. We have distinguished having tight immoblie hips as being masculine and being fit and bad assed.

But have you seen the injury rate on guys built like that? They get hurt several times a year. According to Men’s Health it most often happens randomly, not only when maxing out.


Think of the core of your body as the epicenter of the muscular system. And your hips are the core of that epicenter, the powerhouse of your whole body.

Strong hips help you eke out that one extra rep or push that one extra pound because it acts as a counterbalance.

Chronically tightened hips signals your body that you're in danger, eventually exhausting the adrenal glands and depleting the immune system, making you MORE injury prone. TIGHT HIPS = BAD INJURY  

As a trainer you would not believe the horror stories I've heard from the girlfriends of the "most in shape guys."

Believe it or not their wives have actually been shown to be less satisfied than those of accountants and computer programmers.

SEVEN OUT OF TEN +70% of these women have never had a climax! 

95% of them report feeling dissatisfied, highlighting sessions being over too fast and blame their husband's over sensitivity as the reasons for their frustration.

With weak hips you can't help but become overstimulated because your range of movement is limited.
You can't shift and move in ways that decrease your sensitivity so you are left with two options.

1. Stop moving all together (in which case she becomes frustrated)
2. Continue being over stimulated and rush toward climax ( in which case she becomes frustrated)

So what is the big lesson? 

You must have mobility and versatility in your trunk and specifically your hips
if you're a guy who wants to prevent injury, and prevent failing at his relationship.  

Training your hips is a must and with this workout you can see the results
in the mirror and in the bedroom.
Here is where it gets even more interesting.

You see, the name “Tantra” has a special meaning to it.

Tantracomes from “tattva” and “mantra”, which together means cosmic spells.

Not to get distracted from our topic, what the word Tantra really refers to is that everything is connected and we are a part of everything.

In other words, when you work out your legs, you are also affecting your back.

And when you are affecting your back, you are also working on your genital region.

Everything is connected.

Tantra Bodybuilding Workout revolves around this.

To work every part of your body together in unison, you are using tantric workout techniques that push your body to the peak of its functioning, whereby each and every part of your body works out to reach its best at the same time.

So, while the exercises are psoas-oriented in nature, it basically gives equal importance to your arms, your chest, your back, your legs and everywhere else.

And what makes this even more special is – the tantric evolvement of your sexual being.

You work your body in such a way that it resembles your regular sex movements and poses!

Yes, you read that right.

So, while your body is working in unison during the workout, building on inner strength and mental stamina, it also helps in enhancing sensual memory.

Since all your body parts are functioning in coordination, you will be able to achieve maximum performance when in action.

The next time you are in bed, you would just get into action, without any thinking!

You're molding your body tantrically to be the Most Sexually Advanced  In The world.

And here's how

Along with The Impact Planks, you also get…
In this section, we are giving you two courses that help you understand female sexuality in a better light and take your sensual power to a whole different level.
Sherlocking: Investigating Her Pleasure
Sherlocking is the long-lost art of surveying a woman’s sensuality in completeness so that you can pinpoint her secret pleasure spots and get access to her dormant sensitivity.

This little power-script describes the Sherlocking concept in detail, so that you learn how to do a pleasure survey, dig out the secret spots, map the pleasure points, maximize your sensual foreplay and give her the time she always covertly desired as a woman.

Be a man, and learn how to please a woman. This small eBook will guide you step by step how to be a sensual lover.
Stacking: The Art Of Intimate Progression
This short eBook talks about probably one of the most important topics in human sexuality. Yes, we are talking about intimate progression that “stacks” one movement over another, overlapping and replacing in a smooth yet sensual manner that makes her squirt again and again!

This small eBook, when coupled with the knowledge and techniques gained in the Sherlocking guide, is composed to deep sensual insight that gives you the secret power to feel, control and be the Tiger in Bed.

And to add to all these…
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Whether over a one-to-one video call session or in a face-to-face interview, you will be guided upon the best ways to perform this special workout routine by our fitness expert.

Over the span of 14 days, you will be demonstrated, taught and rediscovered by one of the best health and well-being coaches out there.

And that is complementary!

Just because we care for each other as human beings, this is a sign of good will from our part.
Get Tantra Tough
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Completely power-packed with latest scientific facts and information within the lengthy 67 pages of this popular eBook, you will find the latest calisthenic techniques that give you a full body workout.

Tantra Bodybuilding Workout is compiled with some of the best bodyweight exercise techniques in the world that provides you with an all-in-one solution that:
  • Works as your everyday freehand cardio routine.
  • Complements your weightlifting and muscle-building efforts.
  • Strengthens you from inside, mentally, physically and sexually.
Not only that, you will also get to know about:
  • Why Zenity Fitness' rhythm based sets and reps for mind blowing results, instead of the traditional 3 sets of 10 that hinder your maximum bodybuilding potential.
  • Shocking foods that not only burn fat, but also skyrockets the testosterone in your body for maximum fat burning – you're gonna need a water hose to keep the ladies away from you!
  • Astonishing success patterns that actually give out-of-shape guys a huge advantage over the guys with great genetic endowment.
  • 3 Stroke Styles exercises that will boost your muscle gains and fat loss while making you the talk of your partner's friends.
  • 7 body stretches that will make your body feel loose and relaxed all day long (no more tight backs and aching pains!)
  • Learn to build a S.T.R.O,K.E Flow– a buildup methodology for your approach to intimacy with your partner. Strokes, Rhythms and Styles just the way she likes it in bed.
Whether it is as simple as a plank or as complicated as a wall rider stroke…

Tantra Bodybuilding Workout is one of a kind!

That’s not all.

You also get the Video version of each and every exercise listed in the eBook for FREE!

We understand that some of our readers are not comfortable with following exercises just from the pictures in the eBook.

For that reason, we have included free videos, along with the eBook, in the offer.

Remember, you don’t have to pay even a single penny for that.

$149 worth of videos – Absolutely Free for you!

Isn’t that wonderful?

Wait! There’s more to this…
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10+ Deployment
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Three Hip Opening Stretches
Intima Spot Tracker
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Cheers to a healthy, happy and sexual life from now on,

Montique Stephon
P.S.   Please refrain from sharing these exercises with women who you do not have an interest in as they will make it difficult for women to be satisfied with men who do not have them.  Don’t you make that mistake too!
P.P.S.   Please refrain from demonstrating these exercises to men because without the understanding of sexual geometry and Rhythm Building they will only confuse themselves and their partners.

Direct them to this awesome opportunity WITHOUT ANY RISK! Backed by a full 60-days money back guarantee, you don’t need to think twice before going for the Tantra Bodybuilding package. 
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And that is complementary!

Just because we want you to experience the surge of confidence and self appreciation that you will feel, we want it to change how you interact with the world. Your success is mine.


Tantra Bodybuilding Workout has become the rage among our customers - especially their girlfriends. .

Women instantly realize you are different because she feels something new, something genuine, something she only gets from you.

Let’s hear what some of what people are saying
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By the end of one month, your life will never be the same!

  • If you are looking for the BEST power-enhancing and lean gaining calisthenic workout, this is the one for you…
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*most people report results immediatey*


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Montique Stephon
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