How Black Martial Artists Saved
Martial Arts in the Americas
A documentary on Black and Latino men in urban centers who were central to the maintenance, preservation and promotion of Chinese Martial Arts in the USA narrated by some of
The Deadliest Black and Latino
Martial Arts Masters In The World

Who Is Featured In The

Discussing Unique Topics You'll Hear Nowhere Else
  • Why The Chinese Needed Blacks and Latinos to keep their arts alive
  • How Blacks & Latinos in Prison  shaped the way people in China started to fight  
  • Who was fighting and who wasn't you'll will be surprised to find many "greats" weren't fighting at all.
  • Police Brutality, Crime, Survival and Why Blacks and Latinos quickly became the best at fighting in the World of Martial Arts
  • How Community Organizations used martial arts in combat over turf  

  • A Chinese martial arts master  who has married into Black and Latino family speaks out  on Chinese Arts actually coming from Africa.
  • Racism in the Dojo How you had to fight dozens of men back to back in order to get the real stuff from your Chinese martial arts teachers.  
  • How Urban Martial Arts Were Passed Down, only the strong learned... 
  • Breaking into Martial Arts Film  ( Top Black and Latino martial arts stars speak  on what they had to overcome to do it!)
  • Amazing Afro-Latin Influenced Martial Arts Techniques Learning to Fight vs. Learning to kill - These masters demonstrate their favorite techniques and the stories about when they had to use them.  
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    Black and Latino decent
  •  Signature Moves from more than 18 Styles of Kung Fu  
  • 4 Exclusive Never Before Seen Afro Chinese Urban Forms

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What People Are Saying
"Pure Respect For These Men"
By A Customer In May 2016 ☆☆☆☆☆
Format: DVD & Digital Download

For anyone who loves a well-crafted documentary, history, philosophy or the martial arts. Kamau Hunter delivers a deceptively simple and powerful set of documenteries on the roles that people of color have contributed not only to ancient Chinese martial arts but the patrimony of martial science. His profiles of living masters are carefully lensed in a way that shows his contagious enthusiasm for martial arts as philosophy and culture. Significantly, he never forces his points with heavy narration or over-simplified extremist comments. He allows the masters to tell their stories, seamlessly weaving in support information that intrigues and convinces without the glitz or ridiculous claims of some martial arts shows.

"I'm Going Back To The Dojo"
By A Customer in May 2016 ☆☆☆☆
Format: DVD & Digital Download
I am so inspired. So many unknown things are revealed in this important documentary I never knew about what Black Men went through in becoming masters of Kung Fu. It really gives a look into the things that most kung fu films would never tell. This video delves into the reasons that Chinese martial arts have survived and even florished over the last 60 years. With interviews and biographies of modern day kung fu masters that literally held it together when China was on the brink of distancing its self from it all. They demonstrate some styles that I have never seen before, their timing is incredible, I am about to watch it again. 

"Where Can I Learn?"
By A Customer in May 2016 ☆☆☆☆☆
Format: DVD & Digital Download
I liked the hisotry on Kung Fu, but for me it was all about the stuff on the Urban Styles... I've studied martial arts for years and I knew NOTHING about the origins of breakdance but when they broke it down, it all made sense. The stuff on Jailhouse and the combat environment that born those styles literally had me on the edge of my seat.
I gave this video 4 stars because it was  informative and interesting, but most of all motivational

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